Whispers – Ha Orchestra

This new music video, produced by local production company Showmanmedia in conjunction with the CATC Hub, was filmed in Glasgow University’s beautiful cloisters. It showcases HA Orchestra, the first African orchestra in Scotland. Playing instruments from various African traditions in a Scottish context, HA embodies a vibrant example of creative, multimodal translation practice in action.  Enjoy!

Ha Orchestra – Whispers from Showman Media on Vimeo.

Further info:

  1. Ha Orchestra was started with Creative Scotland and Glasgow City Council Culture 2014 Funding for Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games cultural programme.
  2. Whispers and other tunes performed by Ha Orchestra during Festival 2014 were composed by RM Borders PhD researcher Gameli Tordzro.
  3. Musicians:
    Tom Oakes – Flute
    Lillias Kinsman-Blake -Flute
    Surahata Susso and Suntu Susso – Kora
    Gameli Tordzro – Composer + Sogo, Apentema Kpanlogo Drums
    Samuel Kwamina Takyi – Dondo Drum
    Alfred Tamaloe – Axatse
    Clare Robertson – Kalimba
    Andy Cooke – Engidindi
    Omar Afif: Gimbri
  4. www.haorchestra.com 
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  1. Gameli says:

    Whispers and other tunes performed by Ha Orchestra as part of Festival 2014 were composed by Gameli Tordzro.

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