Researchers: Hubs

RMTC Hub – Researching Multilingually and Translating Cultures

CATC Hub – Creative Arts and Translating Cultures

Jane Andrews (Co-Investigator)
Jane works at the University of the West of England as a lecturer in education with a focus on language and learning in both her teaching and research. Current research interests include children’s perspectives on being multilingual and researching multilingually.

Mariam Attia (Post-doctoral Research Associate)
Mariam is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the School of Education, Durham University. Her research covers the areas of teacher and researcher development, reflective practice, non-judgmental communication, educational technologies, and researching multilingually. Mariam completed her doctorate at The University of Manchester in which she explored the relationship between teacher cognition and technology use in the context of teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages.

Susan Dawson (Post-doctoral Research Assistant)
Susan is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the School of Education, Durham University. She is based in Manchester.

Richard Fay (Co-Investigator)
Richard is Lecturer in Education (TESOL & Intercultural Communication) and Programme Director MA in Intercultural Communication at the University of Manchester.

Katja Frimberger (Post-doctoral Research Associate)
Dr Katja Frimberger holds a M.Ed. from the Universität Hildesheim (Germany), trained as a language teacher for ESL and German and taught children, teenagers, students and adults in various educational settings and countries.  Her interest in drama-based teaching methods led her to pursue a MA in Drama and Theatre Studies (University College Cork, Ireland) and finally a PhD at the University of Glasgow.  For her doctorate she explored international students’ intercultural experiences through a ‘playful research approach’, which took Brechtian estrangement as a methodological guiding principle.  This allowed her to tinker with modelling clay and employ improvisational drama and creative writing in the name of serious, postmodern educational research.  She continues this passion for tinkering, play and multimodality in her current work where she develops arts-based research approaches for multilingual research contexts.

Prue Holmes (Co-Investigator)
Dr Prue Holmes is Reader in the School of Education, Durham University, and Pathway Leader, MA Intercultural Communication and Education.  She teaches postgraduate modules in international and intercultural education and intercultural communication, and supervises doctoral research in these and related domains.
Prue’s areas of research concern how researchers draw on their own and others’ linguistic resources in the research process “researching multilingually”.  She is principal investigator of an AHRC-funded network grant (“Researching Multilingually”) and co-investigator on “Researching multilingually at the borders of language, the body, law and the state”.  She is also a research partner in the multilateral EU-funded project “Intercultural resources for Erasmus students and their teachers”.  Prue has published in the areas of the intercultural dimensions of language and English as a lingua franca, intercultural dialogue, intercultural (business) education, intercultural encounters, and student mobility and Chinese international students.  She is the chairperson of the International Association of Languages and Intercultural Communication (IALIC).

Gameli Todrzro (PAAS & PhD Researcher)
Gameli is Artistic Director of Pan African Arts Scotland, one of the project’s collaborative partners.  He is well known on Ghana TV as a traditional African musician and storyteller, as well as a Film, TV and Theatre Director and Actor.  Gameli will undertake a practice-based PhD through the project.

Tawona Sithole (Poet & Playwright)
Tawona is a poet, playwright, mbira musician, educator and facilitator.  His ancestral family name, Ganyamatope, is a reminder of his heritage, which inspires him to make connections with other people through creativity, and the natural outlook to learn.  As co-founder of Seeds of Thought arts group, Tawona’s work involves supporting and facilitating access to the creative arts. Currently poet in residence for GRAMNet, he also works in a variety of settings and institutions.  As he continues to write, teach and perform, mostly he appreciates his work for the many inspiring people it allows him to meet.

For more detailed information on the work of the hubs, please see About the Project.

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