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Nov 2015 Bucharest mini-symposium reflections

Part 5: Reflecting on Music Workshop Facilitation Music Workshop at CONNECT  We all arrived in the music workshop full of expectations. Many of us were meeting each other for the first time in a small room in close proximity to … Continue reading

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Ha Orchestra Visits Denmark – November 2015

The Ha Orchestra is made up of musicians from different regions of Africa, Scotland, the UK and Europe, playing various African musical instruments including Xylophone, Kora, Sogo, Brekete, Dondo, Atumpani, Kpanlogo and Apentema drums, Kalimba, Atentenben, Ngidingi, Kamele Ngoni, Bolon, … Continue reading

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Whispers – Ha Orchestra

This new music video, produced by local production company Showmanmedia in conjunction with the CATC Hub, was filmed in Glasgow University’s beautiful cloisters. It showcases HA Orchestra, the first African orchestra in Scotland. Playing instruments from various African traditions in a Scottish context, HA … Continue reading

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