Ha Orchestra Visits Denmark – November 2015

The Ha Orchestra is made up of musicians from different regions of Africa, Scotland, the UK and Europe, playing various African musical instruments including Xylophone, Kora, Sogo, Brekete, Dondo, Atumpani, Kpanlogo and Apentema drums, Kalimba, Atentenben, Ngidingi, Kamele Ngoni, Bolon, Axatse, Seprewa, Gakogui and Flutes.  Being the first African Symphonic Orchestra in Europe, this project is a melting pot of music from different regions of Africa and its Diaspora.  It taps into the vast unexplored treasure of musical cultural experiences and values brought to the UK and the rest of Europe by African.

The RM Borders project is pleased to be working with the Ha Orchestra for the duration of our project to generate and translate research into multiple creative arts forms.

A section of Ha Orchestra from Scotland will visit Denmark in November to engage in a ‘Traditional African Symphonic Orchestra Development and Networking Exchange’ with a selection of African musicians living in Denmark, and performing on the Danish music and artistic scene.  The project is designed for the musicians on both sides to engage in creative composition work and performance practice workshops.

During the two-week exchange, Ha Orchestra will engage students of Vig Music High School in performance and recording workshops.  The project is supported with funding from the Danish Arts Foundation, and the Arts and Humanities Research Council Large Grant project RM Borders.

Spearheaded by Ghanaian Artistic Director and Composer, Gameli Tordzro (Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland Award winner for music 2015) – Ha Orchestra was established in the spring of 2014.  At the invitation of the Organising Committee of Festival 2014, it made seven appearances at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland, including at the BBC The Quay in Glasgow, Merchants Square, Glasgow Green, (the main stage for music at the games) Victoria Park as part of the Queens Baton Relay Finishing Line and Kelvingrove Band Stand Amphitheatre.  Gameli is a central member of the CATC hub and PhD researcher on RM Borders.

Ha Orchestra is a part of Pan African Arts Scotland’s (PAAS), vision of a Centre of Excellence of African Arts in Scotland and in partnership with RM Borders and GRAMNet (Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network).

Watch out for Ha Orchestra performances:

  • Sunday 22 November  – 15:00
    Bartof Station, Solbjergvej 3, 2000 Frederiksberg. Just by Frederiksberg Metro Station.
  • Wednesday 25 November – 18:00
    Copenhagen Central Library (København Hovedbibliotek), Krystalgade 15, 1172 Kbh
  • Saturday 28 November – 12:00 (Children Concert)
    Copenhagen Central Library (København Hovedbibliotek), Krystalgade 15, 1172 Kbh
  • Saturday 28 November – 20:00
    Gentofte Library (Gentofte Hovedbibliotek), Ahlmans Allé 6, 2900 Hellerup
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