How we write, multilingually: a round table

Date: Wed 24 Feb
Time: 2.30–4.00 pm
Venue: Wolfson medical building, Hugh Fraser seminar room (257)
University of Glasgow, University Avenue

Across disciplines, and in different countries, many academics are thinking about how we write—not how ‘to’ write, or how we should be writing, but how we actually do write. But what happens when we research and write multilingually?

This event is inspired by a really interesting book that came out last year: How we write: thirteen ways of looking at a blank page, edited by Suzanne Conklin AkbariIt’s an open-access collection of short articles written by academics in several disciplines, and at all career stages. It’s not a manual, a how-to book, or a collection of sage bits of advice: it’s about how we actually write, in a real world that includes plenty of other demands on our time and energy (including administrative duties, caring responsibilities, chronic illness, or simply having a life outside work).

We’d like to do something a bit different. All of the contributors to the book are writing in their mother tongue (English), and although many of them use other languages in their research, none of them talk about the experience of writing those languages into English. So: how do we write research in other languages into our native languages? And how do we write into languages other than our own?

The event will be a round table with short presentations from GRAMNet and Researching Multilingually researchers at different career stages, about how we write multilingually in different circumstances, followed by an open discussion.

All are welcome!  If you would like to attend, please register on the Eventbrite site.

If you’d like to read some or all of How we write beforehand, you can download it for free (or leave a donation) on the Punctum Books website.

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