IUG and RM Borders Online Seminar Series 2015/16

“Crossing borders of foreign language education and translation in Palestine”


27 October 2015: Introducing Languages and Intercultural Studies
Presenters: Prof. Alison Phipps (Glasgow University) & Dr. Nazmi Al-Masri (IUG)

30 November 2015: “Edward Said: Cultural Theory”
Speaker: Dr Mohammed Nemer Abu Elmaza (no video available, sorry).

8 February 2016:Thinking through the impacts of the globalisation of English(es)– What are the implications for the teaching and learning of languages, and what are the opportunities for working with multiple languages in research projects?
Prue Holmes (Durham University) & Jane Andrews (UWE), RMTC Hub.

7 March 2016: “Towards ‘flourishing’ pedagogies: Enabling arts-based educational spaces”
Lyn Ma (Glasgow Clyde College), Drs. Ross White & Katja Frimberger (University of Glasgow) – Case study 1

18 April 2016: “What is collaborative multilingual research? Reflections on “ways of working”
Presenters: Robert Gibb & Julien D Iglesias (University of Glasgow) – Case Study 3
Angela Creese & ‘Translating Cultures’ discussants

4 May 2016: “Gaza Teaches Back”
Maria-Grazia Imperiale (University of Glasgow)
& Prof Alison Phipps & Dr Nazmi Al-Masri