Researching Multilingually and Translating Cultures

Researching multilingually at the borders of language, the body, law and the state requires rigorous methodologies that are sensitive to the multiple languages and forms of translation at play in these contexts. The members of the RMTC ‘hub’ will lead the development of integrated conceptual and methodological approaches, tools, and methods for researching translation processes and practices at borders where bodies are often at risk, in pain and/or in transition. Together with the CATC ‘hub’ they will work with all researchers in the team, both in the field and remotely, at strategic stages and milestones throughout the project, to collate, consolidate and improve research practices in contexts where more than one language is used. The continuous process of dialogue, synthesis, and reflection among all team members, which the RMTC hub will facilitate, will provide the stimulus and conduit for recording, sharing and synthesising researching multilingually practices, both within the multilingual and inter-/multi-disciplinary network of researchers and more widely (e.g. with research participants and within organisations/agencies).

The core RMTC researchers are Co-Investigators Prue Holmes, Richard Fay and Jane Andrews, RA Mariam Attia, RA Susan Dawson and two PhD students at Durham University (Judith Reynolds and Melissa Chaplin).